Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super Quick Update

Alex is on day 8 of recovery today.  It was also her first day back to school.  I let her sleep in a bit since she has been getting up at about 9 am most days.  I also went in and talked to the school nurse about her restrictions and that if she got too tired or in pain to just call me. She has texted me to tell me she is tired but no pain was mentioned. She really did not want to go this morning but I expected that.  I wouldn't want to go back either.  She has been in heaven (and yes pain) laying in bed watching tv, eating yummy things and getting lots of extra love and attention. Its hard to give that up for school and homework!!

So, now that this is behind us we will be facing her next challenge that unfortunately will never go away.  Her Psoriatic Arthritis.  There is a lot of the unknown ahead of us but we will get through it just like we did this. 

I am still looking to connect with other families with children living with PA.  I have several great friends that have kids with JRA and have received some great information from them.  It would be nice to kinda know what to expect for her future.  So, if anyone is reading this that has a child with PA or was diagnosed as a teen with PA please contact me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recovery Going 4!!

Alex had her tonsils out on Wednesday (today is Sat) and is doing quite well.  I think I had freaked myself out by reading all these horror stories online about recovery being horrible.  Now, it did say that days 5-7 can be bad again which will start tomorrow so we shall see. 

Overall she is doing great.  She has been in bed for the most part and been watching tv non-stop!  She has been eating soft foods since day one.  Mac and cheese is her favorite, mashed taters, chrushed ice (from Sonic...they sell it there by the bag) and soup.  She is also drinking tons of water, apple juice and Gatorade.  Oh and lets not forget Popsicles.  She has probably had about 15 since Wednesday!! 

Today she is mostly complaining about her ears hurting her which is a normal but weird side effect.  I guess because the tonsils are so close to her nerves for her ears.  She has also complained that it hurts when she talks so she is mostly whispering. 

She is still needing Tylenol with codeine at night and for some breakthrough pain.  It is almost gone so I will probably call the doctor for more just to be safe.  Especially since the doctor said that the pain will get bad again when the scabs start to come off. 

Enough of that lovely talk.  Thanks everyone for all of your prayers through this.  I am just so glad to have it behind us so that we can start to focus on her arthritis. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!

Well, we managed to keep Alex healthy in time for her surgery tomorrow.  I don't know how.  Both Ben and I were down the past week with bronchitis!!  We sent her to my parents house for the weekend to keep her away from the germs and it has seemed to have worked!

We are all anxious to get this behind us.  I have to say I think I am ten times more nervous about it all than her.  Like I have said's not so much the surgery that scares me but the recovery I am worried about.  I have heard that it is a very painful and long (7-10 days) recovery.  But.....Alex does seem to have a high pain tolerance plus she is 12.  Kids seems to bounce back much faster.

I hope to update here daily to let all of you know how she is doing and for any other parents out there that are going through the same thing.  Feel free to leave her messages here because she does check this blog.  Thanks also to all of you for your prayers and well wishes!