Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loving 2011 Already!

So far I would have to say the year is off to a good start!  Everyone is happy and healthy and I have been enjoying spending time with Alex since she has an extra week of Christmas break. 
Her doctor appointment went fine and pretty uneventful.  The great news was that her lab results all came back fine. The doctor was looking for any signs that the medicine (methotrexate) was causing damage to her organs and so far it is not.  On visual inspection though she felt that Alex was still showing a significant amount of swelling and is just stunned that she has no pain or stiffness.   She said that Alex must be blocking the pain because it would be impossible to have that much swelling and no discomfort.  I believe she must have inherited a high pain tolerance from my mom whom after open heart surgery did not complain once of being in any pain!   
She will be having another MRI in February or March to compare to the original one to see if there is any reduction in inflammation.  They will also scan her left hand and feet to get a base reading on those areas.  

Other than that life around here is getting back to normal.  The Christmas tree is still up and frankly I don't want to take it down!  I love the holidays and don't want them to end.  Maybe this weekend...sigh.....

Happy New Year once again!