Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pills, Pills, Pills!!

Today was Alex's appointment with her rheumatologist.  Now that her tonisls are out we can start treating her for her arthritis.  This makes it all so real now. 

Those of you who are familiar with arthritis are quite aware of the number one medication prescribed....methotrexate. Here is a short definition of the medication.

 MTX was used initially to treat cancer. By chance, it was discovered to be effective in clearing psoriasis.
In psoriatic arthritis patients, it may take up to six months for the drug to have maximum effect. Effects can include decreased inflammation and pain reduction. Methotrexate can cause serious or life-threatening side effects on your liver, lungs, kidneys, and bone marrow (immune system).

I have not picked up her rx yet but the doctor said she will be taking 6 (small) pills every friday night.  This is because MTX often causes nausea so she wants to have her start it over the weekend so she wont miss any more school.   She also has to take a prescribed dose of folic acid everyday.  This is to help with any side effects she may have. 

Now that she will be starting her meds she has to have blood work taken every 4 weeks.  If you have been reading this blog you know that Alex and taking blood don't mix. She has never actually fainted but has come pretty darn close.  Unfortunately she will have to get used to it.  It is very important to watch her liver while on this medication.

We will wait about 6 months to see if there are any results. This would mean visible results of her joints swelling to go down.  If yes then great!!  If not we will have to also add an enbrel shot to our giving her a shot!  Yikes. 

She also got her flu shot today.  This medication will mess with her immune system so we have to try to prevent her from getting sick!  Now I just need to get one for everyone else! 

Thanks for reading!  I will let you know how she does with her new meds.