Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MAY??? What happened to Jan, Feb, March and April!!!!!

Wow, time is truly flying by!  So much has happened since a few short months ago.  Lets see...well there was Easter, four birthdays under this one little roof (me, hubby, Alex and Ryan),  a great weekend away with Alex at the Revolve Tour (more on that later), The Royal Wedding (ok, this wasn't MY life but still fun to watch) and Osama.

Where to begin.  First and foremost an update on Alex since after all this blog is about her!  Ha Ha.....she is doing great.  Her blood labs continue to come back clear and her new MRI that she did in March came back fine.  Unfortunately I was sick and did not take her to her last appointment so I had to get a report from Alex and Ben (my husband).  For the most part the relay of information was great but what I really wanted to know was did the MRI show any less swelling.  Note to self....call Dr and ask!   What we did learn is that as of now the doctor feels that the Methotrexate has started to work.  She felt visually the swelling has gone way down....which it has.  She did not feel that it was time to start Enbrel shots which was the best news of all.  So, we are just back into status quo I guess.  She will continue to take MTX every Friday and go in for regular blood labs.  Her doctor appointments have been changed from monthly to every other month which is nice.  She has an appointment next week for another vision test to just be sure everything looks good and that's it.  I'm happy to not have much to report.

We had a great weekend back in April at the Revolve Tour.  If you have a teenage daughter I highly recommended it for next year.  Basically it is a  Christian concert/conference.  This years theme of the tour was Dream On.  So lots of the talks were about following your dreams until the end, never to give up no matter what. God has a plan for all of us and he will lead these young girls to where they need to be.  My favorite part was the music.  We were lucky to see Hawk Nelson, Britt Nicole and Jamie Grace.  All of them are amazing.  We had a very special moment thanks to my cousin Karen.....she happens to be friends with Britt so we got to meet up with her.  The girls and moms were so happy.  She is an amazing singer.  Here is her website if you are interested.   Thank you Karen again for such a fun time!  Here is a link to Karens website too :)

Ok, ok...enough of that!  I need to go and take Alex to youth group.  Thanks for reading and take care!!  Happy May!!!