Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello friends...thanks for stopping by!  It's March now.....we are in the thick of busy birthday time!!  Alex turned 14 on February 25th!  It was a very fun day!  She was in a play through her Advanced Drams group at school.  Afterwards we had cake with her cast and crew!  It was great to see how loved she is!  She did a great job and made us very proud!  This Saturday is my husband Ben's birthday and the following day he and Alex are going to Disneyland to celebrate their birthdays and have a very special daddy/daughter day.  Next week on the 16th I turn 41...and on the 19th my son will be 9! Fun Fun times ahead!  

 Alex is in her 3rd month on Enbrel.  She will be getting her labs done (blood work) this week and has her appointment with her rheumy on Monday the 12th.  At this point I have no idea if it is doing anything.  By looking at her hand you can still see swelling so I think the only way to truly know is by doing another MRI.  I am not sure if the doctor will order one right away or not. 

I was really happy to meet (virtually) some other moms last month who have children with Psoriatic Arthritis.  I even met someone who has a daughter with arthritis without the psoriasis so it will be nice to keep in touch and compare stories with each other.  Her daughter is a bit younger and unfortunately has more pain and symptoms than Alex.  She just started Enbrel so I am praying she gets lots of relief soon!  

For anyone just starting this journey I wanted to get you started with some great sites.  There is a ton of information there for you!